Sunday, February 10, 2013

The needy helping the needy

It is easy to be so consumed with one's self that they lose perspective on the real world.  Many people make mountains out of molehills, meaning that we may think that some problems are bigger than they are.  I used to think that my life was stressful.  That college was overwhelming me, work was eating me alive and that no one could understand the pressure I was under.  Upon interning as a reporter for the Community Food Bank and interviewing people at food distributions I quickly realized how blessed I was and how foolish I had been.  I complained about college but met so many mothers and fathers whose lifelong wish is to put their children into college.  I complained about work until I met those who would sleep underneath buildings because they had no income.  I met people who would sell their bodies to feed their children, who had to tell use candles instead of electricity and who had overcome drug problems and here I am, thinking that my life is difficult.  I have my health, my family, friends who love me, food on my plate and am attending the college I dreamed of.  I almost feel selfish to think that I actually had problems.

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