Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The miracle drink

I often get asked how I have so much energy and focus.  The answer I like to give people is because I have a underlying reason.  I found my "why."  It is impossible to wake up motivated everyday to take on the obstacles of life unless you have a powerful reason to do so.  Without that critical element it is impossible to go through all the difficulties that life throws at you on the path to reach your dreams.  
     The real answer, however, has to do with a roasted bean that powers me through the mornings.  The miracle drink is called coffee.  If you have ever drank coffee it is almost impossible not to be productive.  They give me a jump start in the early mornings so instead of starting the day groggy and needing time to warm up I blast through the morning like a bat out of hell.  Moral of my story:  drink more coffee!

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