Sunday, January 27, 2013



Today was a day of returning to my last defeat.  Last semester I applied for the Alfred Fleishman Diversity Fellowship, which is a paid internship with PR giant Fleishman-Hillard.  If I would have received the fellowship I would have taken a paid six month leave to work at one of Fleishman's many offices around the country.  Unfortunately I did not win and to make matters worse I don't think they ever received my application.  For those of you reading you may be able to relate to my situation.  Perhaps you did not win the award you wanted, start for the varsity team or gotten the job you wanted.  All though it is extremely disappointing never give up!  If you want something bad enough take the punches and come back for more.  You have nothing to lose and now know what to expect.  I know know that I must try harder on my application and constantly check to make sure it gets there.  I am know smarter than I was back then and also more experienced in the field of public relations.  Even if I am not chosen for this fellowship I will find success somewhere and make them sorry for not choosing me.  The lesson of the story is persistence!

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