Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hello everyone!

My name is Mikey Sanchez and I college student at Fresno State University.  I am creating this blog as part of one of my classes requirements, but I want to take it further than that.  We only need to type assignments and call it a "blog post".  I decided to make a real one and hopefully use it to benefit others.  This will be a blog focused on career advice and motivation.  What makes my blog different from the countless other career advice blogs?  I am living what a type.  I am pursuing a career in public relations and eventually want to start my own business and I will write my daily accomplishments on here as well as give advice to others.  I never had a lot growing up but have been blessed with tremendous opportunities along the way and took advantage of them.  Success often favors those who are too busy searching for it, so never sit still!

Best of luck to all of you,


Mikey Sanchez

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