Thursday, September 25, 2014


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Just as the job hunt was starting to get with me I have found some light in this dark tunnel; I'M GOING TO WASHINGTON D.C!!!
A little back ground info is necessary.  Earlier this year I applied for the PRSSA Golden Key Award, which is the highest undergraduate recognition PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) can bestow.  I sent in the application and was shocked to find out I won.  The award is handed out during the PRSSA National Conference in Washington D.C or can be mailed to the recipient's address.  Obviously D.C. sounded like the more attractive option. 

The only problem was that I spent almost all of my money which I had saved up from working this summer was to be spent touring Asia for a month this summer.  My family is not very wealthy and could not simply hand me the money to go.  

I eventually found two grants which would pay for members to register for conference.  I won both. 
The only problem left would be reaching Washington D.C.  I am still in the job hunt and am almost out of the leftover money from Asia.  

Today my girlfriend's dad found one hell of a deal which was in my budget.  My girlfriend and I bought the tickets and are now headed to D.C.  I think I am more happy to finally travel with Stephanie than winning the award.  

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